Rags and Tatters, cover

Rags & Tatters (February 2011)


The Boys, Mappa Monday, Hey Jones, Cards,

The Natural Order of all Things, Rags & Tatters.

Hey Jones (With apologies to Jimmy Hendrix)

Hey Jones where you off that with that gun in your hand?
I said hey Jones mun, where you goin’ with that gun?

I’m gonna go down Treforest to shoot my ol’ lady,
You know I caught her messing ‘round with a bloke from Machen,
So I’m off down the A470 to shoot my misses,
You know I caught ‘er messin’ ‘round, so I’m pistol packing and in my dirty mac in
And that ain’t cool!

Hey Jones, I’ve ‘eard you shot your woman dead,
Shot ‘er down now.
I said I’ve ‘eard you shot your ol’ lady down,
You shot ‘er down dead on the recreation ground.

Yes I did, I caught ‘er messin’ ‘round in Griffithstown,
Yes I did, she laughed ‘til she saw the gun in my hand,
Then she laughed no more,
With my ‘ot barrel revolving there in Resolven,
But I missed, then I caught ‘er in Kimla and killed ‘er,

Hey Jones I said now,
Where you gonna run to mun?
Maybe now’s the time to go way over that white touchline
And fly off from a try?
Hey Jones I said where you gonna run mun?
Where you gonna go?
Well dig it!

I’m going way down south gettin’ away from this grief,
Way down beyond that big Texaco garage there in Neath.
Maybe hide out for a bit on the green, green grass of Steepholm,
Or cross the Severn to Devon,
Cos on that side of the border, there’s little law and order
And become an outlaw just like my cousin Jesse James, but up there on Dartmoor,
Where I cun be free and no one’s ever goin’ to find me.
No one’s ever goin’ to string me up,
From the posts in ‘The Arms Park,’
Fuck that for a lark!
You better believe it right now,
I gotta go now mun, so shum eye everyone.

Hey Jones, you better run on down to Cornwall

And keep goin’ when you get to Landsend,
Cos the sea will be a godsend,
It’ll save you from the South Wales Constabulary
And you’ll be free, even from the DFS sale of the century.