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I continued on during the Fringe Festival in August, with a poetry event in St Mary’s church – ‘Poems on Pillars.’ The Rev Michael, Melanie Owens and myself chalked up poems on the smooth sandstone pillars of the nave - religious and spiritual ones on the inside for the congregation and profane ones on the outside, so that the hundreds of people in the aisle café could read them. A book was left inviting people to leave their poems. This proved popular with over sixty poems left in the following six month period and the results were published in March 2011 as the ‘St Mary’s Book of Poems.’

St Mary's Book of Poems, cover

During October 2010 Brecon held an Artsweek and I was involved in two events. One was a daily poetry recital in S J Matthews fruit and veg shop, during which customers were provided with special brown paper bags with some of my poems printed on them. This proved a popular event with sixty or so people turning up and two hundred bags given away. I also ran a ‘How to write poems in three easy steps’ class in St Mary’s church – the steps being ‘research, rhyme and reaction.’ This too was successful with a dozen or so people in the class.

Brecon Artbeat cover

Bag of Apples

Press article

Huw with onion seller's bike

The New Year saw Huw’s poem ‘The Big Freeze’ featured on ‘The Roy Noble Show’ on Radio Wales. He has also performed his poetry regularly in Brecon at ‘The Gremlin Hotel’s Open Mike Night’ and in The Hours Bookshop & Café, as well as at ‘The Brecon Music & Arts Party’ held in St Mary’s church.

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