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Brecon, like so many towns, is in decline. So in the spring of 2010 I set about livening the place up a bit, by writing poems in chalk on boarded up buildings. I chose works that would have popular appeal and which were life enhancing, spiritually uplifting, provocative and funny. Some were familiar favourites; others were poems by local writers - Jan Price, Phil Pashley and myself. They proved very popular indeed. Word quickly got around who was doing it and people stopped me in the street to tell me what a good idea it was and how much they enjoyed certain poems. It was quickly picked up by the local paper – ‘Poetry Outbreak Hits Brecon’ read the first headline, followed by ‘Guerrilla Poet On the loose in Town Centre’ in a later edition. The town’s library loved the idea and over ensuing months I chalked up many poems and song lyrics on a pink door next to the main entrance, sometimes linking these with events, such as Valentine’s Day, St David’s Day or on one occasion with the film ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’ showing at the cinema across the road.

Poetry project - Robin Hood

Poetry Project 1

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