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Down To Earth (November 2010)


Down to Earth, When I Rode on Wheels of Gold,

Christmas Gifts (Ancient & Modern,) Just George,

The Occasional Wren, Full Moon, Bang the Bomb.

Christmas Gifts, Ancient & Modern

The first Christmas gifts,
Gold, frankincense and myrrh brought by kings,
Then, through the ages, a multitude of things -
Mistletoe cut down with a flint blade,
And twisted amulets to parade.
A bronze age Celtic ring
And a dainty gilded Roman pin.
A single, simple cambric shirt,
Or even more precious, a flashing pair of eyes that flirt,
A loving kiss promising tomorrow,
A wedding dress to make or borrow.
Gorgeous knick-knacks for the ladies
And cultured pearls for grown up girls.
Sheep’s head stew for the many
And for the few, in that country house
Well hung pheasant and leaded grouse,
Pink marzipan and hock of ham,
Mince pies piled up beyond their eyes,
Blue silk ribbons and black lace
In days when people knew their place.

Dreary socks and hideous underpants
Freely given by maiden aunts,
‘Soap on a Rope’ –
His least-most hope
And being British and somewhat brutish,
‘Brut’ aftershave
And talcum powder reeking of ‘Old Spice,’
Kindly given with something sweet and nice,
But received with a big pinch of salt and a lump of coal,
Not the icing on the cake,
Deep and crisp and even,
In this festive season.
Jet and amber,
Gascoinge Bamber,
Universally challenged and linguistically challenging
Is something called a ‘columbarium,’
A tower of snow-white doves
And all these lines because it’s me my lady loves,
Chocolates brown, ‘Quality Street’ and ‘Milk Tray,’
‘And all because the lady loves!’