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Brecon Cathedral, Poems & Photographs (December 2011)

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The Natural Order of all Things?

While sun pulls bulbs through frozen ground,
I take the chance to look around,
To see it warm these ancient walls
And stir the rooks to raucous calls –
Such unrelenting rasping clatter
Above the town’s inconsequential Sunday morning chatter.
As bare branches hang motionless and waiting,
Perhaps the spring anticipating.

So in this beautiful ancient place,
The congregation prays for grace –
The faintly saintly, the lost, the needy,
The garrulous, the jolly greedy -
And the debonair and downright seedy
In corduroy and Aquascutum,
With ties of pheasants, just as he’d like to shoot ‘em,
Giving thanks to God for the peace he brings,
And the natural order of all things.

So as sun shines brightly on copper beeches,
It falls too on the town’s upper reaches,
Where, far from perfection of medieval lancets,
Text mad girls dream of latest handsets
And HD tellies now abound,
Where seed once fell on barren ground.
That clapboard place nicknamed ‘Dodge City,’
Where things run raw with nitty gritty 
And the close is seen as a walled exclusion zone,
To be walked past daily on their way home?

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